Music and Its Industry: Part Five

Next on our list was TV Themes. March, 2010.

Of course, all done with film. Daniel Goldmark made this show a powerhouse with his sharing of knowledge about this genre. And I got to speak in great detail with Charles Fox - who is a major composer in this field. Wish he could have come in from LA for this, but he was already committed a recording session that week. 

When I was in the 8th grade, the show Dallas was huge. I didn't know anything about the show itself, but each week I tuned in just to hear the theme song. It moved me for some reason. The horns were so powerful and the music depicted the large rolling landscape of the homes in Texas during this era. I asked my junior high (that's what we called in back in the day), if we could PALLEEZE play the theme. He said no. He didn't even seem to consider it! It felt like he wasn't listening to my reasons for why we should play it. He might have been paying attention, but I decided right there and then that one day, I would conduct it. March, 2010, I did. It closed the program. Daniel told the audience and the orchestra this story. It was super crazy fun and meaningful for me personally to do it. 

Addams Family, Three Stooges - Mischa Bakaleinikoff Andy Griffith, Dick Van Dyke,Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.,I Spy, That Girl, Make Room For Daddy, Mod Squad- Earle Hagen Bewitched - Jack Keller Bonanza Jay Livingston Dallas - Jerrold Immel Deep Space 9 - Dennis McCarthy Desperate Housewives - Danny Elfman Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, Love American Style, Love Boat, Wide World Of Sports Wonder Woman - Charles Fox Hawaii Five -0 Morton Stevens I Dream Of Jeannie - Hugo Montenegro I Love Lucy - Elliot Daniel Leave It To Beaver- David Kahn Little House On The Prairie - David Rose Lost In Space, Monday Night Football - John Williams MASH - Johnny Mandel Mission Impossible - Lalo Schifrin My Three Sons - Frank DeVol Sanford and Son - Quincy Jones Sex And The City- Douglas Cuomo Six Feet Under - Thomas Newman Star Trek TV Theme - Alexander Courage Star Trek- Next Generation - Jerry Goldsmith Sunset Strip Michael Daugherty Taxi - Bob James The Munsters Jack Marshall Tonight Show with Johnny Carson - Paul Anka Twilight Zone Marius Constant